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Illinois Business Law Attorney Works with You to Protect and Expand Your Company

An attorney who can handle firearms regulatory and compliance matters and other business needs

Government regulation of firearms businesses and professionals can hinder a company’s growth and even force it to dissolve entirely if it loses its license to operate. Bureaucratic rules regarding licensing and other requirements are heavy handed and confusing for individuals to navigate.

But there are solutions. The Law Offices of Kenneth L. Block works with those in the gun industry as well as other businesses to guide you through licensing and regulatory needs with ease and efficiency. The firm regularly helps clients achieve their dream of a successful business without being bogged down in red tape. Firearms manufacturers, dealers, importers, exporters, gunsmiths, target ranges or firearms instructors in Illinois in search of a high-caliber attorney to work through their legal requirements need to consult the Law Offices of Kenneth  L. Block.

A small firm offering high-end legal services

Kenneth L. Block has practiced law for more than three decades in Illinois, assisting businesses and professional clients with gun regulatory law as well as estate planning for gun owners, business law and real estate. His firm provides a superior quality of efficient legal work tailored for individual clients. He has extensive knowledge of gun trusts and other means by which an individual collector can transfer firearms to a successor or heir without running afoul of the law. The practice of Kenneth L. Block is defined by:

  • An appreciation of the gun industry — As a Second Amendment supporter and lawyer, Kenneth L. Block knows the challenges that face firearms-related businesses and how to address them
  • Efficient and economical services The quality of work one can expect from a large firm is delivered at a reasonable rate for small businesses. Client inquiries quickly receive a thorough response
  • An honest assessment of your needs — Clients do not have to fear paying for unnecessary services. The Law Offices of Kenneth  Block addresses the issues facing you in a straight-forward manner
  • Cost saving technology — The firm uses the latest technology to reduce costs and pass the savings on to you

Business law counsel for the firearms industry and for real estate, commercial and financial transactions

The Law Offices of Kenneth L. Block is focused on assisting professionals and entrepreneurs in Illinois. The firm offers services in:

  • Gun regulatory law Kenneth L. Block can guide you through all your needs for licensing and ATF compliance, so you can feel confident that your business complies with federal, state and local law
  • Estate planning for gun owners The firm is well-versed in the construction of gun trusts and issues that arise when a firearms collection is passed to another generation
  • Wealth preservation and transfer The practice of Kenneth L. Block can handle any of your tax, retirement or estate planning needs to ensure your assets reach your intended beneficiaries
  • Business and finance Running a business is difficult, but having a seasoned business lawyer advise you on corporate governance, formation, financing and mergers makes it easier
  • Real estate Kenneth L. Block will be there to guide you on all real estate and property law matters, including drafting construction agreements, commercial lease agreements, easements, land trusts and acquiring or selling property

Contact the Law Offices of Kenneth L. Block for a free initial consultation today

Every business should have counsel who responds quickly and effectively when needed, especially those in the gun industry. The professional community in Cook County and all the collar counties turn to the Law Offices of Kenneth L. Block for support meeting regulatory requirements and other business needs. Contact the firm at 312.600.4032 or online to schedule a no-risk consultation. Evening and weekend appointments are available. The firm is conveniently located near Chicago O’Hare International Airport.

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